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VTEM skitter
VTEM skitter
VTEM skitter


Lodged an insurance claim??
Just remember it`s your choice where your vehicle gets repaired.
Keep it at a local shop with QUALITY tradesmen.
We repair to a standard not a price and would love to see you come back a 2nd time because you had an awesome experience the first time.


What to do in the event of an accident

Just remember the health & safety of all who are involved is paramount. A photo tells a thousand words (a picture of the vehicles involved, time and location). Write down Name, address, phone number and drivers license number of the other drivers involved and Write down Rego, Make, model & colour of other vehicles involved. Come in and get a quote and some professional advice from somebody who has been in the panel industry for over 20yrs.

What We Offer

High quality & professional services

  • Vehicle Smash Repairs

    We strive to repair and return your vehicle as quickly as possible.

  • Fleet Vehicle Repairs

    Our hard working team make sure the best quality for your fleet needs.

  • 2 Pack Painting

    Harder than cellulose & tends to resist petrol, acid rain, sunlight etc...

  • Warranty Repairs

    Specialized in Warranty repairs for many vehicle manufacturers

  • Motorcycle Painting

    Repair small dings or chips, or re-spray your entire vehicle for a return to new.

  • Insurance Repairs

    We are able to offer vehicle repairs to almost all motor insurers.

General Panel Works

The Rockhampton panel beaters you can rely on.

Free Quotes

On Time & Quick

Affordable Costing

Experienced Staff

We use only very latest in vehicle equipment and technology, ensuring your vehicle is returned the best possible condition. At General Panel Works in Rockhampton, getting your car, caravan or trailer back on the road safe and in like-new condition is our top priority.

For the repair of your car, our team of friendly professionals will keep you informed every step of the way. We even offer a drop off service to bring your beloved vehicle back to your door with no fuss.